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Student of the Week - Blayne Hughes

Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do is proud to announce this week's student of the week, Blayne Hughes! Blayne is an advanced purple belt that has been training at Young Brothers for almost a year and a half! His favorite part of Tae Kwon-Do is learning how to defend himself and meeting new people. He likes the sparring, and really wants to improve his patterns. He wants to eventually become a 3rd Dan and teach Tae Kwon-Do. Outside of the Dojang, Blayne aspires to be a geologist, to help animals, and to join the military. Congratulations to Blayne on being student of the week!

Student of the Week - Diego Conner

Young Brothers Tae-Kwon Do is proud to annouce the student of the week, Diego Conner! Diego has been coming in and practicing very hard these last few months! His favorite part of Tae-Kwon Do is practicing patterns. He wants to build more confidence and aspires to be a black belt. He is preparing for the next black belt test. Congratulations to Diego on being student of the week!

Student(s) of the Week - Kaitlyn and Kelly Tumewu, and Chiara and Cayla Su!

This week's student(s) of the week are actually siblings, Kaitlyn and Kelly Tumewu, and Chiara and Cayla Su! They have been here with us at Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do for a year and a half, and they have come quite a long way in that time! Their favorite things about Tae Kwon-Do include sparring, patterns, and testing. Kaitlyn really wants to improve her hook kicks, and they all strive to be better martial artists every day, especially in sparring. Congratulations girls!

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