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Kickin' Kids Program


The Goals of Young Brothers Kickin' Kids Program:


  • To develop a strong basic martial arts foundation

  • To instill confidence through sparring and challenging

  • To teach the values of Courtesy, Respect and Perseverence

Our Kickin Kids Program is directed toward childrenages 6 – 11.


In this program, the curriculum expands beyond patterns and technique to include basic self-defense and free sparring.


After a challenging warm up session, which may include running and other conditioning and speed drills, the instructors will focus on technique.  This may be done in smaller groups in order to work on patterns and other rank specific techniques.


A class may also include supervised free sparring where the students are encouraged to demonstrate the drills and techniques taught in class.


The classes are always taught by the master instructors, with several junior instructors on the floor to assist with specific tasks.  Each student is given personal attention so that he or she may excel in Taekwondo.


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