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Our award winning Martial Arts program will work for you and your family! Confidence, fitness, and focus.

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"I am thankful that my child has the opportunity to be in this school!" - Noah P


And We've Moved

to a 4,000 Sq. Ft. Home


...that is

"Hospital Clean and Safe"

If you haven't been by to see us lately, come check out our new, 4,000 square foot home!

With the Coronavirus Pandemic turning our world on end, we have been forced to make several changes to the way we conduct business. Although some of these changes are permanent, others will only remain in effect during this pandemic. Let's have a look at what has changed.

We have moved to a new home. Now we have a much larger facility where we can easily accommodate socially distant training. While we remain in the pandemic, our instructors, students, and class viewers are encouraged to follow the state mandates regarding wearing face masks for everyone's protection. But we are going beyond to help keep our students as safe as possible.

In other efforts to remain safe and healthy while training, we have outfitted our facility with a new air filtration and purification system.


This is the same technology now installed in Superdome in New Orleans, and we are the first and only taekwondo school in the U.S.A. using this technology.


We have also updated the products and techniques we use to maintain a clean safe, virus-free facility. 

For more on how we are keeping our school as safe as we can, click the button.


A Word from Grand Master McCloskey

Hi Everyone,


I am excited to announce that we are back running socially distant classes in person from our new home located at:

16518 House Hahl Rd.

in the Black Horse Storage Warehouse.


Give us a call at (281) 256-2345 and get back to training today!

Grand Master McCloskey


Our Programs

& Classes

We have several different age and skill appropriate classes to fit your needs for ages 5 years and above. Here is a list of our class breakdowns:
Tot's Only: for 6 years old and under.
Children's classes are for 9-11 y.o. 
Family classes for 6 and above
White Belt Only classes for beginners
For more on our other classes click below:

The Young Brothers Philosophy

Talking to students.PNG
Young Brothers Taekwondo was originally founded by brothers in Pennsylvania, Grand Masters Young Il Kong and Young Bo Kong in 1968.  The Young Brothers, both 9th Degree Black Belts, studied Taekwondo in Korea and have trained in the martial art for over 50 years.

Our Instructors

For over 35 years, Master McCloskey's teaching style is disciplined but highly encouraging. Young Brothers classes are presented in a healthy, nurturing environment for each student to appreciate and excel in this martial art.
About Grand Master McCloskey, 8th Dan
Master McCloskey with Santa hat.png

"Master Mc Closkey is a patient teacher who loves his students..." - Noah P

For over 35 years, Grand Master McCloskey's teaching style is disciplined but highly encouraging. He has high expectations for his students, and with positive reinforcement the students often reach those high expectations. Grand Master McCloskey has a commanding but friendly presence that the younger students respond to positively.  For the adult students, his in depth knowledge of both Tae Kwon Do and general fitness, make him the perfect instructor for those seeking to become a true Tae Kwon Do martial artist, as well as those seeking a sound mind and body through martial fitness.


Young Brothers classes are presented in a healthy, nurturing environment for each student to appreciate and excel in this martial art.

Young Brothers
Grand Masters
Young Brothers Grand Masters

Young Brothers 9th Dans: (L-R) Grand Master Mark Giambi, Grand Master Young Bo Kong, Grand Master Young Il Kong, and 8th Dan Grand Master McCloskey

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