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Meet Our Instructor


For over 35 years, Grand Master McCloskey's teaching style is disciplined but highly encouraging. He has high expectations for his students, and with positive reinforcement the students often reach those high expectations.  Grand Master McCloskey has a commanding but friendly presence that the younger students respond to positively.  For the adult students, his in depth knowledge of both Tae Kwon-Do and general fitness, make him the perfect instructor for those seeking to become a true Tae Kwon-Do martial artist, as well as those seeking a sound mind and body through martial fitness.


Young Brothers classes are presented in a healthy, nurturing environment for each student to appreciate and excel in this martial art.

"The quality, knowledge and dedication of the instructors is second to none!" - Rene S.

Master David McCloskey

Grand Master David McCloskey



Grand Master McCloskey began training under Grand masters Young Il Kong and his brother Young Bo Kong at his Pittsburgh, PA dojang in 1977. He has been practicing Tae Kwon-Do ever since and has been teaching for over 35 years. Grand Master McCloskey is currently an 8th degree black belt and has built a solid reputation as an instructor and mentor who cares about the progress of his students, both in and out of the dojang.


In addition, he has a first degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, is a certified Civilian Krav Maga Instructor, a Filipino Escrima Instructor, and has been trained in Brazilian Jujitsu as well as Tai Chi. He is a certified Martial Arts Specialist through the American Council of Martial Arts with the Cooper Institute.


Grand Master McCloskey serves on the National Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Tae Kwon-Do Executive Committee, and is the current District Sports Chairman for the Gulf Region of the (AAU) Tae Kwon-Do. Also he is currently the Referee Clinical Administrator certifying Officials in the Texas / Louisiana Region. He hosts the Gulf District AAU Championship every year. Master McCloskey also volunteers to teach self-defense to the women at the Ft. Bend County Women’s Shelter.

Master McCloskey is an awesome teacher

Master McCloskey receiving his 8th Dan from his instructor Grand Master Young Bo Kong

"Master McCloskey is an awesome teacher..."  - Kerra S.

"Master McCloskey and his staff ran an exciting and engaging workout...  - Joe Sayles, Jr. 

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