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Fall Class Schedule is Available

It is back to school time! School is starting everywhere. Parents are scrambling to buy their children new school supplies and new clothes for the year. Our children are getting back into their new school year routines.

With the end of summer, we at Young Brothers Taekwondo also help our students get back into their new school year routines. For this fall, we have created a new class schedule that will not only affect your children, but we hope it will encourage more of you parents to join in the fun with your children. This is our way of helping you build a healthier lifestyle for the family.

With the newly re-designed schedule, there are couple differences from the current schedule. Not only will there be more classes designed for the whole family to workout together, but there will also be another day of classes. We will now offer two additional classes on Saturday morning run by Mr. Alex Claire. So, it will now be much easier to make up missed classes.

Oh, and one more thing before we forget. Just like your child needs new clothes for school, your taekwondo student might also need a new uniform or new sparring gear to keep up with their growth over summer.

So have a look at the new fall schedule below. We hope to see more of you in class this fall.

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