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Reprinted from May 25, 2017 article on the AAU Taekwondo News page

Mark Giambi and David McCloskey, two long-time AAU Taekwondo Executive Committee members, were promoted Saturday, May 20, 2017.

Master Giambi was promoted to 9th Dan and Master McCloskey to 8th Dan by Grandmasters Young Bo and Young Il Kong, both 9th Dan Taekwondo pioneers. The event took place at the Young Brothers home school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Masters Giambi and McCloskey reflected on their high achievements. “I never thought my life would change so much when I walked into Master Kong’s studio forty-four (44) years ago,” said Master Giambi.

Master McCloskey said simply, “I’m grateful that I’ve been able to teach all these years. It’s just an honor to receive this from Master Kong, the same instructor I began with so many years ago.”

Both men stressed the significance of being with the same instructors for their entire Taekwondo careers, a rarity in modern Taekwondo.

Both men are full time instructors with schools in the Houston, Texas area. Together they started the Gulf District for AAU Taekwondo in 1992 and have each been involved in numerous leadership roles ever since. Master Giambi is currently the Lieutenant Governor for the AAU Gulf District.

In discussing their work with the AAU, Masters Giambi and McCloskey wanted to express their gratitude to Master Mike Friello, National Chairman of AAU Taekwondo for giving them the opportunity to volunteer and help spread the sport of Taekwondo through the AAU.

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