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Long-time Houston Area Taekwondo Instructor Earns Rare Grand Master Status

Young Brothers Taekwondo Instructor Dave McCloskey earns 8th Dan Black Belt

As posted in media syndication August 26, 2017:

In 1977, a young David McCloskey walked into a Pittsburgh, PA taekwondo school to enroll as a student. Forty years later he returned to the Pittsburgh school to earn his Grand Master Instructor status under his original master instructor.

Grand Master Young Bo Kong presenting an 8th Dan to Grand Master McCloskey

Being presented an 8th Dan belt by Grand Master Young Bo Kong.

On Saturday, May 20, 2017, Cypress, TX taekwondo Master Instructor David McCloskey was promoted to 8th Dan black belt, and bestowed the title Grand Master Instructor. The ceremony was held by taekwondo pioneers Grand Master Instructor Young Il Kong and Grand Master Instructor Young Bo Kong, the legendary leaders of Young Brothers Taekwondo schools. Grand Master Young Bo Kong, has been Grand Master McCloskey’s instructor since he began training in 1977. “It’s an honor to receive this belt from Master Kong, the same instructor I started with back in the 1970’s,” McCloskey added.

Grand Master Giambi 9th Dan, Grand Master Young Bo Kong 9th Dan, Grand Master Young Il Kong 9th Dan & 8th Dan Grand Master David Mc Closkey

Grand Master Giambi, Grand Master Young Bo Kong, and Grand Master McCloskey

Grand Master Giambi 9th Dan, Grand Master Young Bo Kong & 8th Dan Grand Master David Mc Closkey

After earning a black belt in his early taekwondo career, Grand Master McCloskey came to Houston in 1982 to work with Mark Giambi, another Young Brothers Taekwondo master instructor who now runs one of Houston’s longest running taekwondo schools. Coincidentally, Grand Master Giambi was promoted to 9th dan in the same black belt promotion ceremony as Grand Master McCloskey.

For several years, McCloskey moved up through the ranks to earn multiple black belts. Eventually, he would become the head instructor of his own studio on the northwest side of Houston. Over the years, he has continued to grow and expand. In his current school in the Cypress Creek Lakes-Bridgeland community, Grand Master McCloskey is a rare find. Not only is he an 8th dan black belt, but he continues to teach his students daily. As McCloskey states, “I’m grateful that I’ve been able to teach all these years.”

McCloskey has built a solid reputation as an instructor and mentor. He cares about the progress of his students, both in taekwondo and in their personal lives. His studio’s five star rating is a testament to his excellent level of instruction and the fun and engaging environment his studio presents.

Grand Master McCloskey’s martial arts journey has taken him through ventures where he learned other martial arts styles to compliment his taekwondo training and broaden his understanding of the martial arts world. Through the years, he has also earned black belts and certifications including:

  • 1st Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate

  • Civilian Krav Maga Instructor Certificate

  • Instructor of Filipino Escrima

  • Certified Martial Arts Specialist through the American Council of Martial Arts with the Cooper Institute.

Grand Master McCloskey has also trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Tai Chi. He is a long-time volunteer for the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) where he serves on the AAU National Tae Kwon-Do Executive Committee, and is the current District Sports Chairman for the Gulf Region of the AAU Tae Kwon-Do program.

In addition, he is currently the Referee Clinical Administrator certifying Officials in the Texas / Louisiana Region. Grand Master McCloskey also hosts the Gulf District AAU Championship every year and volunteers to teach self-defense to the women at the Ft. Bend County Women’s Shelter.

Grand Master McCloskey, Master Greg Lloyd, and Grand Master Giambi

Grand Master David Mc Closkey 8th Dan, Master Greg Lloyd 6th Dan & Grand Master Giambi 9th Dan

About Young Brothers Taekwondo

Young Brothers Taekwondo is a taekwondo school run by 8th Dan Grand Master Instructor David McCloskey in the northwest Houston area of Cypress, TX. The traditional martial arts school serves the Cypress Creek Lakes and Bridgeland communities. Since the 1980’s McCloskey has been teaching taekwondo to students of all ages. His in depth knowledge of both taekwondo and general fitness helps Grand Master McCloskey provide a perfect balance of sound mind and body through martial arts fitness. For children, his high expectations and positive reinforcement helps younger students to respond positively. As the primary instructor on the floor, Grand Master McCloskey’s Young Brothers Taekwondo classes are taught with the highest level of knowledge and dedication you can find in the martial arts.

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