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We offer a safe children's indoor activity
  • You'll get 2 weeks worth of lessons to get you started

  • Students develop the interpersonal skills: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit

  • We follow government-mandated socially distant classes

  • We have Houston's ONLY Hospital Grade Clean Taekwondo school

  • Safest indoor air quality in Houston-area Martial Arts School

  • Parents get peace of mind

"I strongly recommend this program to everyone who's willing to learn..." - Mike H.

Grand Master David McCloskey has a commanding but friendly presence that younger students respond to positively.

Come see why Young Brothers Taekwondo is one of the top rated Taekwondo schools in the greater Houston area!

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Young Brothers Taekwondo

Cypress Creek Lakes | Bridgeland


Our New Location

16518 House Hahl Rd

Cypress, Texas | 77433

(in the Black Horse Storage Warehouse)

Serving the Communities of 

Cypress Creek Lakes & Bridgeland

in North West Houston