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Our Programs & Classes

Our Programs & Classes
Tots Program

Our Tots Program is oriented toward careful instruction for children ages 5 - 6. The Tots curriculum focuses on introducing and mastering techniques in a fun, safe, and productive environment. Patterns are taught and the foundation is laid for the introduction of future skills. Instructors work with students on a personal level to maximize the benefits. 


As an example, the class begins with group exercises, which often includes exciting games such as obstacle courses and speed drills. Afterwards, concentration is devoted to students based on rank, as each student is given the personal attention they deserve to fine tune their skills.

White Belt Program

Our White Belt Program is crafted for beginners of ALL AGES. The White Belt curriculum entails instruction of basic Tae Kwon Do in a positive learning environment. The class is broken down into easy to understand segments focusing on rudimentary skills. Each white belt works either on a one-on-one basis or with two to three other white belts with a teacher drilling on a specific technique.


Adults and children work separately with the proper instructor to focus on the learning style of each student. Personal attention is a key facet to the integrity and tradition of Young Brothers TKD. The White Belt program is designed to build basic kicking, punching, and blocking techniques necessary for mastering Tae Kwon Do. While you might not be Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee after your first class, you will certainly be on your way to becoming the BEST THAT YOU CAN BE!

Kickin' Kids

Our Kickin Kids Program is directed toward children ages 6 - 11. In this program, the curriculum expands beyond patterns and technique to include basic self-defense and free-sparring. After a challenging warm-up session, which may include running and other speed and conditioning drills, the instructors will focus on a technique. This may be done in groups in order to work on patterns and rank-specific techniques. A class may also include supervised free-sparring where the students are encouraged to demonstrate the drills and techniques taught in class. The classes are always taught by the master instructors, with several junior instructors on the floor to assist with specific tasks. Each student is given personal attention so that he or she may excel in Tae Kwon Do.


Teens & Adults

The Teens Program, ages 12 and up, stresses a deeper level of conditioning, as well as Tae Kwon Do techniques and skills at a higher level. The curriculum focuses on patterns, technique, more advanced self-defense, and free-sparring, with the addition of one-step sparring designed to develop control and accuracy of deliverance. A typical hour long class begins with stretching, followed by a warm up for the muscles and to improve conditioning. This may include running, and/or kicking and punching combinations. After warm up, the class may work on patterns and rank specific techniques, or engage in supervised free-sparring, among other drills and exercises.


General conditioning and self-defense are a main focus in the Adults Program. Adults of all ages will benefit from the experience that Master McCloskey brings to class. His expertise in body conditioning is especially designed to improve health and strength in adults, even if you have never participated in a fitness regimen before. In addition, the emphasis on self-defense is particularly popular with adults because it provides simple and practical means of protecting yourself and your loved ones. Many participating adults also have children in the school contributing to a greater sense of connection and community throughout the school.

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