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Our White Belt Program for Children and Adult Beginners


The Goals of Young Brothers White Belts Program:


  • Provide a positive environment for learning the basics of Taekwondo

  • Provide a personal level of instruction for each and EVERY student

  • To develop strength, confidence and respect.

Our White Belt program is crafted for beginners of ALL AGES.


The White Belt curriculum entails instruction of basic Taekwondo in a positive learning environment.  The class is broken down into easy to understand segments focusing on rudimentary skills.


For example, the beginning of class involves a warm up with simple exercises, jogging, and stretches.  The masters and assistant instructors devote the remainder of the class to personal attention.  Each white belt works either on a one-on-one basis or with two to three other white belts with a teacher drilling on a specific technique.


Adults and children work separately with the proper instructor to focus on the learning style of each student.  While the class may seem large, you will always receive the attention you need and deserve!  This personal attention is a key facet to the integrity and tradition of Young Brothers Taekwondo.


The White Belt curriculum is designed specifically to build basic kicking, punching, and blocking techniques necessary for mastering Taekwondo.  While you might not be Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee after your first class, you will certainly be on your way to becoming the BEST THAT YOU CAN BE!  Whether you are a middle-aged lawyer or an enthusiastic nine year old, it is never to late to begin Taekwondo!

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